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Grading PowerPoint presentations in SpeedGrader

Grading PowerPoint presentations in SpeedGrader

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In many of our courses, students are required to submit a presentation in the form of a PowerPoint. 

These PowerPoint presentations usually include speaker notes or contain an audio recording.

To view the notes or listen to the audio, presentations must be downloaded and then put in the editing view.

After searching the content here in the Canvas Community, I learned that we could listen to audio recordings in SpeedGrader, without downloading each submission, if the assignment is set up as a 'media recording'. But it appears that this does not work for PowerPoints that contain audio.

It would save instructors a considerable amount of time if we were able to access those PowerPoint notes or voice-over recordings in SpeedGrader.

Is this a feature that can be enabled?



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Community Team
Community Team
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