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In Modules, Selecting "Edit" Should Allow You to Edit the Due Date

In Modules, Selecting "Edit" Should Allow You to Edit the Due Date

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It's extremely annoying that shifting assignments in a module to accommodate for unknowns means I have to manually click on each changed assignment, then click edit, then edit the date, then save. Waste of TIME!!! To those three dots, add an edit assignment due date feature, please!!!!

Community Team
Community Team
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Agreed.  I've just spent twenty minutes adjusting due dates on my own modules I've imported through Commons.

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Please allow instructors to adjust due dates from the Modules page with few clicks.  Currently, instructors need to click on the assignment included in the module, then edit to adjust the due date.  This is not efficient.  If instructors could adjust the due date by clicking "edit" from the three dots just like editing the title of module content, this would be much more streamlined.

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