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Include "Mute" in the Quiz Settings

Include "Mute" in the Quiz Settings

It would be useful to include the Mute option in the quiz settings, so instructors do not need to compete a separate step in a different area to apply this option. Many instructors want this enabled by default.


Comment from an instructor: Using Mute Assignment in the Grade Book is necessary for many higher-stakes assessments, especially in exams with essay questions or quizzes/tests for which students shouldn't receive their scores right away.  At our institution "Let Students See Their Quiz Responses" has frequently been misinterpreted by teachers as controlling Mute Assignment.

Community Team
Community Team

Greetings  @nicole_stahl ​

Would accomplish what your instructor is seeking, or is the instructor specifically looking for the mute option to be located on the graded content page (content = graded assignment, discussion, quiz, survey, etc)?

Community Participant

That feature is similar, but we weren't thinking about the assignment being muted by default. Some instructors do like to have all of their assignments muted ahead of time, but the instructor who requested this feature thought it would be helpful if there was an option in the "Edit" settings to mute the quiz. This way, they wouldn't have to pull up SpeedGrader or the Gradebook to go and mute the quiz. They could just click the "mute" button as they are creating the quiz.

Community Champion

Nicole -

I agree that the above link is not what you want.  I would prefer to see the mute assignment in the edit drop down for any assignment - not just quizzes.  it would also be nice to see the mute option in the advanced settings for assignments so that when the assignment is being created you could go ahead and mute it.  As for the default assignment of mute, making that an instructor option that instructors could set for all their courses would be the best way to handle the default muting.  With that option the instructor would have to opt in to mute all assignments by default.


Community Champion

Thank you for the clarification here, Nicole. We see how these could be seen as separate feature ideas and will pass this on for voting in the next period. Please encourage this instructor to vote up the ​ feature idea if they feel that is something that is important to them as well. And also encourage them to come back to vote up this feature idea on June 3, 2015 or after.

Community Champion

Those who have this same need for Assignments may want to vote on:

And if Varied Due Dates will stagger your time frames for grading different sections, see:

Community Contributor

You may be interested in this complementary feature request for muting by subject:

I closes Jan 6th, so vote soon!

Community Participant

We really need the ability to mute quizzes before publishing so that we don't forget to mute later for high stakes exams given over a number of days to various groups. Please let this be an option for both Assignments and Quizzes!