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Institution Specific Course Setup Checklist: Make it Relevant

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Institution Specific Course Setup Checklist: Make it Relevant



This idea was previously suggested here, but let me be more pointed in my feedback.



If you can't customize the Course Setup Checklist for an institution, and thus it becomes an irrelevant use of UI real-estate and an option that crushes the dreams of every panda.


Kudos and Beefs

  • Import Content: This one is merely OK. The way this is written, this is only relevant to new users of Canvas. Some users will be copying content. As well, not every instructor has content to import. Also, the text says "If you've been using another course management system, you probably have stuff in there that you're going to want moved over to Canvas."... TL:DR. NO! How many instructors have an IMSCC package kicking around?
  • Add Course Assignments. Yes, absolutely. But may be out of sequence. See my next comment.
  • Edit Course Syllabus. This option is ABSENT in the list. Why? Most of our instructors have one at the ready: it's their "contract" with the student as to what to expect in the course, and it doesn't get a mention. SAD PANDAS.
  • Add Students to the Course. What? Don't most Canvas institutions have SIS integration? Faculty or instructors don't add students. Maybe they do at some institutions for internal training, but this option should be removable based on the organization account structure. PANDAS ARE CRYING.
  • Add Files. Mkay. Files are a necessary evil. But Modules and Pages are better: to link directly to relevant files. Pandas nodding in agreement, but there could be some work here to help educate instructors about not relying on Files as the only way to deliver content.
  • Add Navigation Links. Fine, but like, what happened to the course syllabus? Pandas still haven't got over that one.
  • Add Course Home Page. Absolutely! Probably one of the more important options, and often overlooked.
  • Add Course Calendar Events. Sure. Organization is good and important. Pandas eating bamboo now.
  • Add TAs to the course. Sure. But not always specifically TAs alone: maybe observers for users with accessibility needs deserves a mention. And this is not relevant to K-12
  • (MISSING) Interactivity: But wait? What about interactivity like Quizzes and Discussions? What about an "Introduce yourself" discussion?




The Course Setup Checklist should be customized and controlled on a per organization account: so if you have one part of your organization that follows one set of practices, and then another one that has extra required steps for compliance, you can throw it in there.


With your help, we can unsad the pandas today.





Comments from Instructure

April 2017 update

If you're interested in this idea, you may be interested in exploring the New Instructor Tutorials announced in the Canvas Beta Release Notes (2017-04-10). They do not allow for the customizations suggested in the original idea here, however they do address some of the issues presented. 


Love this, great!  I don't seem to be able to vote on it, though.... :smileyconfused:


Sorry Nancy, I spoke too soon: not until Wednesday can you vote on this... Smiley Wink


nlatimer​, this feature idea (while awesome!) hasn't worked it's way through the system to be open for vote yet. For more information on how the voting process works see the following guide - How does the voting process work for feature ideas?

Community Member

Thank you for your re-submission,​. This idea will be open for vote in the next voting cycle (Dec 2). Smiley Happy

Community Member

This idea has moved to the next stage and will be open for voting among the Canvas Community, from Wed. December 2, 2015 - Wed. March 2, 2016.

Check out this doc for additional details about how the voting process works!


Open now for voting!


Do so today!

Community Member

This will be greatly appreciated as we transition to Quality Matters, which has additional sets of criteria that need to be addressed during the course set up process. If I can't edit the preloaded course setup checklist, at least let me hide it.

Community Member

Thank goodness someone brought up this need again. Bummer it did not pass the last time.

Learner II

As the content contradicts our process and policy, we currently use CSS to hide the setup checklist altogether.  For example, we centralize the course publishing process and use templates so instructors do not select a course home page.  Alternatively, each instructor receives a pre-term notification via email that reaffirms the required set-up steps.

For us, a custom setup checklist would prove helpful only if available at the subaccount level.  This would be a requirement vs. a wish or desire.

ps. love the writing style,​ .