Make some of the class analytics available for students to view (optionally).


One of my students was very surprised when I showed him that he was on the bottom of page views and participation and time spent, and that corresponded with his being on the bottom in scoring as well.  He said, "I guess I should work harder."  I think it's really useful for students to see the relationship between the time they spend and their grades.  If this could be visible to students in the form of class leaderboards, it would be really helpful.


Alternately, if we could export the information via csv file, we could load it into other programs for display.  I'd rather have it native, but exportability could be useful, too.

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Providing students with the opportunity to view their analytics is equally important to furnishing this information for the instructor. We need to help teach online learners how to succeed in the virtual environment and providing them access to data representing their online behavior is a reasonable request. Also, this information would become available for parents to view in lieu of the instructor having to send the information to them.



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If "open" learning means having students own their experience, this could go a long way to enhance that.   If it seems onerous, I think we need to think about that.   

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Some form of leaderboard for students is an interesting idea, but it would have to avoid sharing student grades with the class.  Perhaps if students saw only where they stood in the list, without identifying who the others in the list were, it would work. Some ections can be very small and so to protect student privacy students should probably not see their score on a leaderboard divided by section.

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