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Managing Item Banks as a Canvas Admin.

Managing Item Banks as a Canvas Admin.

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In Canvas, currently, there is not a way to manage an item bank from the Admin. level. This creates a problem when trying to edit questions that were pulled from the item bank, especially in blueprint courses and courses where the original item bank creator is no longer involved. 

It would be great if there was a feature created where the Canvas Admins. can manage item banks and find/edit item banks made by staff. This would alleviate much of the time that is spent on re-creating items banks or having to deliver incorrect assessments. 

It would also be nice if we could tell who created the item bank. Maybe there could be a way to tag the creator of the item bank somewhere in the details of the bank? That would go a long way in tracking down the appropriate person in order to make changes to the item bank questions.

Thanks for reading my ideas and please upvote this post if you agree!

Community Team
Community Team
Status changed to: Open
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This would be very beneficial for larger districts. It would also be beneficial to implement at the building admin level as well.

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I think that this would be a great feature. 

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This should be a feature.  Great idea!

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This would definitely help with using time more efficiently. 

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We need this

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This is a great idea!  Would definitely streamline the process!

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Yes, please!! +1 

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Oh yes, please!

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This would be a great feature! 

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Yes, at the very least admins need access to Item Banks!

The point to using Item Banks is to make assessments more robust.

Making the Bank belong to a single teacher prevents collaboration!

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Please consider allowing root account admin to have access to all item banks found within the account.

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The 6-19-21 Release now makes all Item Banks visible and editable to admins and adds a link to the course navigation menu for easier management (if New Quizzes is enabled for your account). Hooray!!

The only issue now is that there's no way to filter all those Item Banks. If you're a root-level admin, there could be a LOT of banks. The banks do not display details such as the course name, subaccount name, creation date, or author. I'm a root admin for a large school in the midst of transitioning to New Quizzes and there are tons of banks just named "Test." There definitely needs to be a way to sort banks aside from the bank name.