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[New Quizzes] Delete test student attempts when test student is reset

[New Quizzes] Delete test student attempts when test student is reset

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Problem statement:

When using New Quizzes as the test student, quiz attempts are saved and included in reports, etc, as you would expect and want when testing the quiz. However, because New Quizzes is really just an LTI tool pretending to be an integrated tool in Canvas, when you reset the test student, the attempts are not deleted from New Quizzes. As well as cluttering up the results, this means that the test student's attempts continue to affect the overall data for the quiz, e.g. item analysis stats and outcomes. This is annoying and obviously inconsistent with the behaviour in other parts of Canvas.

Proposed solution:

When the test student is reset, delete their attempts from New Quizzes. This will remove their attempts, prevent test attempts affecting the overall data, and bring the tool inline with the rest of the 'submission' tools in Canvas.

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For Instructure, see support case #09303543. I would still consider this a bug as it is behaviour inconsistent with the rest of Canvas.

Community Team
Community Team
Status changed to: Open