Improve quiz analysis through robust reporting


Theme Overview

Teachers need reports that are easy to manipulate, full of useful information, and efficient to access

What value could this provide to users?

  • Quicker responses when accessing quiz and item analysis reports
  • Item Analysis, Student Analysis, and Outcomes reporting would be easy to download and in a format that is easy to manipulate
  • More information would be available in reports to help track progress or gaps


Why was this theme chosen for prioritization?

January 2024 • In support of this Canvas theme, the Data & Insights team plans to add metrics for New Quizzes pageview & participation usage within Admin Analytics.


Why was this theme chosen to open for voting?

April 2023 • Quiz reports are key components to help customers understand outcomes and student performance. Reporting should be responsive, easy to manipulate, downloadable, and include the data necessary to help teachers and administrators make sound decisions on effectiveness and mastery.

Why was this theme chosen for prioritization?

June 2023 • While we will not be able to prioritize all ideas within this theme in the second half of the year, we will focus our efforts on improving the Item and Student Analyses.



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