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Spring 2020 has revealed a major flaw in the design of how Canvas provides extended time for students with disabilities. Following Canvas's own instructions for providing extra time on quizzes will not, in fact, give extra time for a student if the Quiz Availability has been set to match the time of the Quiz. Adding to the confusion, the student will show in the Quiz Moderation view as having received extra time.  Many instructors set the Quiz Availability to, for example, 10:30 - 11:00 am, to match the 30-minute time limit. However, this setting overrides everything, despite the universal understanding that giving specific students extended time extends the quiz availability for them.

My Request:

There are two time-related elements for every quiz: "Time" and "Availability." Canvas needs to make a very large alert/warning as soon as someone begins to type into the Availability settings window AND in the Quiz Moderation window to explain that if Instructors set the Availability of a Quiz to match the Time, no student can receive extended time on that quiz.

Our suggestions on our campus are to either: 1. create a separate availability for students who require extended time accommodations, with the availability window including the extended time, or 2. make the availability window of the quiz long enough to include any accommodations (a best practice in these difficult times of everyone working/learning from home).

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Instructure Alumni

 @sbj , we've moved this idea forward for voting after modifying the title slightly to align it with New Quizzes, as our engineers are no longer developing new functionality on the code base for Old (Classic) Quizzes. The Classic tool is slated for deprecation in 2021, as depicted on the User Group: New Quizzes‌ timeline. is the link to the corresponding New Quizzes lesson.


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This says it's archived.  Is it open for voting somewhere else? Thanks

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 @sbj , sorry for the oversight! It's open now (you might need to refresh your screen). Thanks for the nudge.

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It would be helpful to publish a quiz with  no time limit and allow the instructor to end the quiz. This allows the instructor to extend the time if, for example, there is a problem with the internet connection, Zoom, interruptions, glitches, etc. I don't know of a way to stop a quiz manually.

I like the preview function, but it would be nice to allow the "test student" to take the test and use it to understand the student experience as well as how scoring and statistics work.

Nancy Pyzel

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So, I am looking at the deploy notes for 2020-07-29, and while I appreciate that the note will be added, the contrast and pt size are not sufficient. I have tried this in both the regular contrast and high contrast view, and it is essentially unreadable. Can this be fixed before being deployed? I dare not refer faculty to this as message as is:

error message for quiz availability shows very poor contrast

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Instructure Alumni

Hi, Susan,

Thanks for your feedback. We'll pass this on to the product team and see what they can do!


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I gave an exam yesterday using the New Quizzes engine and discovered that when you click "Moderate" and then select "Time adjustments" and then select "Give addition time" it will indicate on the student row that you granted xx additional time but it does not actually change their time limit.

It seems this feature is simply not working at all, or perhaps you must grant extended time only after a student has submitted their quiz. In either case I ask that we have the ability to do this during a quiz before time runs out. 

It would also be nice if we had the option to moderate all students at once instead of student by student.

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It would be great to have something similar to the current classic quiz choice  "Manually unlock the quiz for the next attempt" for new quizzes moderation. It appears that is not a choice with new quizzes, and I don't know if it's on the roadmap.

In addition, when giving extended time, another checkbox could be used "Allow quiz availability to be extended to cover additional time."  That way the teacher can decide if the available until time should be extended. 

It is a problem having to add a second assign to as well as moderate the student's time limit or number of attempts.

Especially needed now, while many remote classes are making their test availability time equal to the time allowed.  It's important to make remote classes more accessible for students.

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When a quiz has an Availability "Until" date/time, students who are moderated to receive extra time on the quiz are not getting the extra time that is added to the "Moderate this Quiz" page. The extra time needs to override the "Until" date/time so teachers do not need to take an additional step to add separate "Available" dates/times for those students needing accommodations. 

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Currently, when I need to grant extra time for individual student, I will need to do two steps: first, go to the quiz setting page, assign to a student, change the available Until date/time and Due date/time. Second, after I publish the quiz, I will have to click "Moderate this quiz", select the individual student, put in "Extra time" on top of the time limit for the whole class.

The second step is annoying and redundant. It usually causes problem when it is very close to the initial due date/time and I need to grant extra time to a specific student due to their technology or personal reasons. I won't have enough time to go through both steps to grant extra time before the Canvas automatically submits the student's exam at the initial deadline.

Please eliminate the second step and simplify the process to make changes (e.g., grant extra time, extra attempts) for individual students all in the quiz setting page.






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