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New RCE - upload into a subfolder

New RCE - upload into a subfolder


The new Rich Content Editor (RCE) editor file upload function is nice and has drag and drop.

But it currently seems to be missing the option to upload into a folder or subfolder and instead uploads automatically into a location called 'uploaded Media' and that is not desirable.

We have many subjects with co-teachers, and teachers typically want to upload files only into their own (named) folder to reduce confusion. It would be good to keep the idea of files and folders front-and-centre and to allow staff to upload directly into a subfolder of their choice.

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Yes it's very time consuming moving the images to their correct folders.  Much faster to choose the folder when doing the upload.

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Uploading files/media to a subfolder was an option with the original RCE, so I hope this is a feature that will be added back in before the full launch of the new RCE. 

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It would be great if this feature could be added back into the new RCE. I encourage faculty to organize their course files area into Folders to make it easier for them to find content and control file organization. This is an important feature to have back.

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Yes, please bring back the option to choose a folder. 
Automatic upload to Uploaded Media will not only mix documents with audio and video media, making it harder for instructors to organize their documents (e.g. quickly finding and adding documents in modules) but it also sets the visibility to "Only available to students with the link". Fortunately, if that document is moved to another folder in the course, it is set to the default visibility as Published. 
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NOTE: Merged from another post. Did not see this post when creating a new one.

While there are some great additions to the new RCE, something was taken away that would be beneficial to add back in. When uploading an image to insert while creating content, the new RCE does not provide a way to pick which folder with a course's files to add the image. It creates an "Uploaded Images" folder and dumps everything into that location. While this may make things easier for some, it creates additional work for anyone who uses folders and subfolders to organize files. The prior version of the RCE allowed a user to select the folder location in the menu for uploading images.

For anyone choosing to organize files into folders, they now have to:

A. Upload the image with the new RCE, then go to Files to move the files to the desired location

B. Upload the images within the Files page of the course, then add it to the desired page/assignment/etc.

Both options create additional steps compared to the options in the old RCE. Please add in the ability to choose the file location for an image when uploading from the new RCE's Upload Image option. Putting it right above the Alt Text option would seem logical:

New RCE Image Upload.PNG

The New RCE also has a Course Image option when inserting an image onto a page. This opens the ability to access the course files on the right side of the screen. The old RCE had an option to upload images within the similar menu that was previously located on the right side of the screen. The new RCE is missing this option. Adding such an option at the bottom of the menu would provide another way for users to upload an image and choose where to store the file.

New RCE Image Upload 2.PNG

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Thanks for posting this idea! I was about to add it and was happy to see other users have already raised the issue. It creates unnecessary double work - every time I am building a content page and want to add a new image, I have to actually open the files on another tab on the side to make sure the image goes to the right folder, and then insert it OR upload it to the "uploaded media" folder and then chase after it to sort it in its location. The process was much easier before, where you could select the right folder as you uploaded or even create a new one. Before you could have everything organised as you went, while the current system is a waste of time or a recipe for absolute chaos.



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+1 for the option to choose the folder/destination of a file upload from within the RCE.

This is lost functionality from the old version, and should be included (surely this was noted during the early release period?).  The ability to upload directly from the RCE is nice, but will lead to a hot mess of Files in no time without the option to choose a folder.

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Seems like a no brainer. I don't understand why it doesn't already function this way.

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We have also teachers who misses the option to select a folder when uploading files to a page in Canvas.

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Please bring back the feature that allows you to pick WHERE(what module/folder/etc) a document is filed in when you are uploading it from a calendar event. I use the calendar as my lesson plan agenda (high school setting) and when I need to upload a new document that I don't already have in my Canvas class, it would be nice to be able to put it immediately in the module I want to instead of having to go back and do it later. 

 I used to be able to do this with an older version of Canvas, but can't figure out how to do it now. Thanks!