Prohibit Observers from seeing future courses


We have disabled the ability for students to view future enrollments. Students are able to view their courses on the date we choose through our terms but their parent(observer role) is able to see their courses. They are not able to click on the course. This becomes a big issue for us, we do not want parents or students to see their courses at all until the date we choose. We need to have an option where observers are not able to view the courses until the students have access.

I looked in the terms and there is no setting for observers. We need a way to set a term date for Observers so they view student courses when we choose. 

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Community Team
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Our observers (and students) can see this coming school year's courses in their course list. They are students or observers in the courses and the courses are unpublished, but they are appearing on their course lists. Since they are unpublished, they cannot click into the course, but they can see the course names (which includes teacher last names) and our district really does not want students and parents/guardians to see what courses and teachers students have until the term starts. We need the option where observers cannot view the courses until the students have access. In our root account settings, we have it set to "Restrict students from accessing courses before start date" and the "Lock this setting for sub-accounts and courses" as well, but they can still see the courses in their course list. As @TonyRomero stated, terms have been checked and there is no setting for restricting observers like there is for students, teachers, etc. We as a K12 district need the option to restrict observers. 

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