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Quiz/Assignment Restriction According to Score(s) on Other Quizzes/Assignments

Quiz/Assignment Restriction According to Score(s) on Other Quizzes/Assignments

  This idea has been developed and deployed to Canvas


  Idea will be open for vote Wed. August 5, 2015 - Wed. November 4, 2015  Learn more about voting...

Although I've looked and couldn't find anything, I'll apologize in advance if this quiz/assignment restriction has been requested, is up for voting or in development and I just don't know about it.


I would really like to see a restriction feature added to assignments/quizzes granting students access according to score(s) on one or more other assignments/quizzes. I find this type of restriction extremely useful both as a motivational tool and to help guarantee mastery.


Motivational Tool - I can create a bonus assignment/quiz accessible to students only after they have received a specific score on a previous assignment/quiz. The restriction essentially "unlocks" a specific assignment/quiz for students who have performed at a specific level I predetermined. My students work very hard to achieve a specific score on an assignment that grants them access to another assignment/quiz for bonus points.


Guaranteeing Mastery - This type of restriction is wonderful when it comes to guaranteeing mastery. For example, a student MUST receive a certain score on a quiz before (s)he is allowed to take the next assessment. Or, perhaps students are required to receive a certain score on a chapter assessment before (s)he is allowed to move on to any assignments/quizzes for the next chapter.


If this type of restriction currently exists or if there is a workaround that someone knows about, please let me know!




-Brandon Goodwin


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For more information, please read through the Canvas Production Release Notes (2016-11-19)

Community Team
Community Team


I have accomplished this before using the requirement and prerequisite tools for modules.

By setting a module so that all content must be done in order and then placing specific requirements on each assignment in that module it restricts the student from moving to the next activity until they have achieved mastery.

How do I add requirements to a Module?

How do I set up prerequisite Modules?

Let me know if this works for you.

Community Member

Ms. Carney,

Thanks for your reply. I looked at the option you've described. I can see how this could be useful if each module is set up as a chapter or unit; however, the type of restriction I'm looking to place on an assignment/quiz is score dependent on one or more other assignment(s)/quiz(zes). Also, the assignment/quiz containing this type of score-based restriction may be located in the same module as the other assignment(s)/quiz(zes) that students must first achieve the required score.

Thank you for the reply and sharing your idea!

-Brandon Goodwin

Community Team
Community Team

I think this will still do what you are seeking, let me make one more attempt at explaining.

Here is an example module I set up that I want students to advance through a proscribed path and advance only after meeting mastery.

Within my module I begin by adding requirements, which are This module is complete when:

  • the first two items are documents to be read (or viewed)
  • the next item is a discussion forum that I want them to contribute to, but I do not want them to be help up there until I grade it so I set it to once they submit.
  • then there is a quiz.  I have a specific mastery of the quiz I want them to meet before they can submit their final assignment.  They will not be able to move past this quiz until they meet that threshold.
  • finally there is an assignment.  The primary reason to set a final assignment requirement in a module is if you want the module completion to then release the next module.

Don't forget to check ​students must move through requirements in this module in sequential order​ to make this all flow correctly!


Once you save your settings students will see those requirements listed next to the content


You can then customize these settings throughout your remaining modules. 

*You do not need to set a requirement for each item in the module, just the triggering event.

Community Member,

I looked more closely at the options you've presented. While these help a little, they do not meet the exact needs I'm seeking.

Within a module, I have several things students can look at but I do not want them to be requirements. I also have multiple quizzes, two of which are required, but others which are optional if students want additional practice. One of those optional quizzes is for bonus points and I want that one specific quiz to become available to only students who receive a specific score on a specific required previous quiz. But, I do not want the quiz for bonus to be a requirement; I want it to be optional for students who have chosen to work hard enough and deserve to be granted access to it.

At the present time, I think the only workaround which I can see is to manually grant select individuals access to the quiz for bonus who have achieved the minimum score required on a previous quiz. While this is a bit of extra work for me, I'll just communicate to students that when they achieve the minimum score requirement for access to the quiz for bonus, they have to email me with a request for their name to be added to the "Assign" list. I am assuming this is feasible? Since I don't currently have any students, I can't actually tell whether I'm able to "Assign" a quiz to only specific individuals?

Thanks for all your help!

-Brandon Goodwin

Community Team
Community Team

Great explanation of the use case and how it differs!  I definitely see what you are working to accomplish now!  You are seeking advancements in conditional release of content.

Yes, you will be able to do that manually using Differentiated Assignments.  This document will help: What do Differentiated Assignments look like in Canvas?

This idea will be open for voting in August!

Community Team
Community Team

I'm really excited to share that after some more testing I'm pretty sure you can use the requirements feature to accomplish the conditional release of a bonus quiz.

  1. Setup your module with the bonus quiz directly following the activity that will release it.
  2. Edit the module and add only one requirement - the one that should release the bonus quiz.
  3. Then mark the checkbox 'students must move through....'
  4. save

This will allow students to move through the other content in whatever order they want, but it will only release the bonus quiz if and when they meet the requirement.  You can see this in the student view of my sample course here (below).  All of the items are black (and clickable) except for the quiz which is grayed out.  

One thing to remember is to not set this module as a pre-req to any other modules, as not all students will be taking the bonus quiz!


Community Member​,

I see how your module is set up, however, when I attempt to follow your directions and set up my module in the same fashion, I can't seem to get it accomplished.

When I go to edit my modules, I am given two options (1) Before students can view this module and (2) This module is complete when. I obviously do not want to make any restrictions from the first option, but when I look at the second option, I can only create restrictions for the completion of the module. I don't want this option either because the bonus quiz is not the final piece of the module.  :smileyconfused:

-Brandon Goodwin

Community Team
Community Team

Yes, I agree the wording is a little strange.  It says the module is complete when, however that only applies if you are making that module a pre-req for another module.

If you set it up for just the bonus quiz, making sure the bonus quiz is extra credit and not calculated in the overall grade, it should work how you desire.

Extra credit

  • points based rubric - the bonus quiz should be worth 0 points and then anything you award will be extra.  How do I give my students extra credit?
  • weighted rubric - the bonus quiz will be worth a total number of points and in a weight category that brings the total weight of the course over 100%
Community Member​,

I've included a screen capture of my student view to show the problem I'm encountering. I want students to achieve a minimum of 80% on a set of Homework Problems in order to gain access to an optional Practice Test (Bonus). I have set up the module so that students are able to view everything prior to the Homework Problems without any restrictions. This restriction on the Homework Problems grays out the Practice Test (Bonus) forcing them to achieve the mandatory 80% prior to accessing the Practice Test (Bonus). This is fine and is exactly what I want; however, because I am forced to check the box requiring "sequential order" everything after the Practice Test (Bonus) is also grayed out. This is what I do not want. Because I've checked the box on "sequential order" students are unable to access the Unit Test or Unit Test (Make-Up) unless they score a minimum of 80% on the homework problems.

Screen Shot 2015-07-10 at 12.22.50 PM.png

-Brandon Goodwin

Community Team
Community Team

Just a reminder that this feature will open for voting one week from now on August 5th.