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Quizzes.Next: Question numbers for Quiz Item Analysis

Quizzes.Next: Question numbers for Quiz Item Analysis


When reviewing the Item Analysis for a quiz, the Canvas system does not show the Question number for each question. Identifying the question number is important to the instructor who wishes to adjust grades for dropped questions or make other kinds of adjustments.   Because this information is missing, the instructor has to identify the question number by scrolling down the displayed questions and count.

Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi  @ralphb 

The feature ideas process is currently on hold, and you can read more about what's currently underway at Changes are closer for Canvas Community Feature Ideas, and you can be part of that process in the Focus Group: DRAFT Feature Idea Space. With that said, Canvas is currently in the midst of a large quiz refactor project, Canvas Studio: Modern Quizzing Engine. Check it out, review what others have suggested, and add your own comments!


Community Team
Community Team

Thank you for your idea!  It will open for voting, March 1, 2017, as part of the relaunch of feature idea voting!  Find out more about the changes we made in Changes are here: New feature idea processes went live Friday! (2/24/17)

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This issue annoys me as well and resolving it has my vote! It is really annoying to access the Question Breakdown and NOT have question numbers, especially for exams that have a large number of questions. It makes it difficult to review or make changes.

However, I think this is an issue that should be considered a "bug" and just be fixed. Why would anyone want the Item Analysis page to NOT show the question numbers? I wish Canvas would differentiate between issues that are actual problems and not feature requests.

question breakdown‌ statistics

#quiz stats

#quiz statistics

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I completely agree with Keith. I had a 60 question pretest to analyze and the question analysis (not the spreadsheet statistics - too advanced for my basic stats knowledge (English prof)) was useful but had NO question numbers, so I ended up printing (40 pages) the analysis and hand numbering. My other course also has a pretest and posttest but with 75 questions. I can see that students see question numbers if they are allowed to review the quiz after taking it, so why can't I?

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Additionally, my questions in my quiz are out of order with the ones on the report. I try to group my questions together based on the essential learning targets that they are connected to.

When the questions on the report are not in order, this makes everything scrambled as I review them either by myself or with my students.

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While I voted for this, it may not apply to Quizzes.Next quiz.  For example, depending on shuffle options, not all students will see questions numbered the same way.

There's a closely related feature idea which I can imagine working hand-in-hand with this one:

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The link from RobDitto is not working but the thred was about Quizzes.Next anyway and it certainly is a problem. Has my vote. Should be a very quick fix. I cant belive we have to ask for these simple, obvious "features" (I would call it a bug). They will probably not even be looked at since there is not much voting for it. Disappointing to see this service and quality of a commercial software...

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Well, quiz stats are almost useless without this feature, so I can't understand the delay in adding it - it's been 4 years.

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" Because this information is missing, the instructor has to identify the question number by scrolling down the displayed questions and count."

Are you sure even that tedious method is reliable?  Because the order of questions in Student Analysis is different from that in Item Analysis.