Sending Empty Submission Back To The Calendar and To-Do List


With the abrupt turn to distance learning, parent help is vital to ensuring student success. Currently, students can submit an empty assignment or quiz and it will show up as a strike-through on the link for the calendar as if the assignment is complete. I have spoken to many parents that are confused when they look at the Canvas calendar and see the strike-through on the assignment or quiz. They think it is done. 

I would like the ability to send an empty submitted assignment or quiz back to the calendar and to-do list to show as open. Students and parents would benefit from the clear status of the assignments. 

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 @theresa_sansone ‌, I'm interested in learning what an empty submission is: a blank document, or something else?

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Yes, it is a blank document, blank attachment, or a quiz with no answers. Once the student hits the 'submit' button, the assignment or quiz is marked as completed on the Canvas calendar and the to-do list. I have many parents and students that rely on the calendar, and they think it is done when it is not. 

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Thanks,  @theresa_sansone ‌, I've voted this up. My ideal implementation would locate this capability near, or as part of, Hradebook status values

When you can, please take a look at a related long-running idea:

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YES! This is my largest problem with Canvas. I need to be able to push back assignments to students so that it shows back up in their To Do list (which the student's To Do list also needs a lot of work). I have resorted to putting in zeros and adding a comment to complete the assignment (but these comments only show up if the student knows to navigate to "recent feedback"). It is exhausting, and the students seem clueless that their work is incomplete. 

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YES! This is a big issue - students will submit a letter or blank document. Then I can write a comment and ask them to re-do the assignment, but with the mastery gradebook the parent doesn't see a 0 score or anything. I want to be able to send it back to them to re-do and have it show as missing again, go back on their to-do list & back on the calendar. 

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