User's Display Name Should Display Everywhere in Canvas


Currently, when a user changes their display name in Canvas, their display name will only show up in discussions, announcements and conversations/Inbox.  Their full name still displays in gradebook, course roster, and in student groups.

When a user changes their display name, that name should display everywhere in Canvas.  In the gradebook, the instructor should have the option of using either the display name or the full name when they open it.  The student should see their display name and other students should see their display name, as well.



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To clarify, for equity and allowing chosen names to be made available for the class, there should be a way the registered name and the student's chosen/display name are both shown for the instructor for communication and grade book. Only the student's chosen name should be visible for other roles in the course.

Good idea @jerry_troupe Jerry!


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If nothing else, the name/display name should be consistent across all the Canvas subsystems. The fact that it's not is a particular challenge for our international students (who often use a nickname or English name) and an outing risk for our trans students. 

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It would be very nice if fellow students only saw the display name but the teacher would definitely need to be able to connect the display name with the name that came from the SIS.

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In addition to the good points above, I would suggest adding the admin ability to search for users by their display name as well as by their full name.

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I agree with the initial ask, great idea and would help so many headaches!

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Yes!  at least make the display name available in Grades, course roster, and People.

If only for the instructor, that's fine, but might want it an option for all class members.

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I agree with making it consistent throughout.  Or at the very least add another column to the gradebook and the People page that would show both the Full Name and Display Name

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This topic needs to be elevated to the highest level. Students are at risk of experiencing discrimination and possibly violence as the result of a student’s dead name showing up on the “People” screen and grades form. 

Deadnaming: What Is It and Why Is It Harmful? (

Fatal Violence Against the Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming Community in 2021 - HRC


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I would second exactly what @CAROLMARTIN1 said, this is important.



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It is an issue of respect and equity to only display the name that the student chooses.

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I'm an instructor. How nice would it be for the student's preferred Display name to be easily seen in ALL aspects of Canvas from gradebook to "People" list to speed grader?!  If a student takes the time to set a different name, I like to try and personalize comments and messages to reflect that. It is very difficult (or impossible) to see this in some Canvas features.

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