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View All Student Grades for All Classes Button

View All Student Grades for All Classes Button

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Is it possible to get a "show all grades" button in the future? This would allow teachers to see grades for their students in other classes. I think it would be beneficial for SpEd teachers when reporting progress during IEPs or when communicating with a parent/IA. Or for coaches to do grade checks, and counselor's to check on student progress in all their classes. 
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Community Team
Community Team
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@DanaShool  We would not be able to develop a feature that allows teachers to view the grades of students in courses other than the ones they themselves teach, as many schools would consider this a FERPA violation. With respect to counselors and advisors, we have an actively-monitored conversation underway at  Monitor student grades in all courses, so we've archived this idea.


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@DanaShool Our third-party tool, Grade Guardian, enables this capability.  (The system is branded as "Dropout Detective" for higher ed schools.)  We allow guidance counselors, sports coaches and others to see dashboards of just their assigned students, with a view into grades, missing assignments and other data of all courses on one screen.  You can make the decision (as a school/district) if you'd like to have teachers be able to see the students' grades in other courses.  If you'd like to learn more, please visit our Partner page here in the Community:

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Most other grading systems allow a teacher to see all the grades for students who they have in a class themselves.  I have used several over my 16 years of teaching and Canvas is the only grading program I have used that does not allow this.  This simple feature allows teachers to help support students with prioritizing grades for all classes.  In my view this is a large flaw in the Canvas system.