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On some screens the orange "Question" button is covering up the "Next" button. Could you please move the "Question" button so it does not align directly with the "Next" button?  Perhaps move the "Next" button and the "Previous" button to the center of the screen and leave the "Question" button in the far right corner. 

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Community Team
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Hi @MariaFoy -

Would you be willing to share a small screenshot so the Community Team can better understand what you're experiencing? Thank you!

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Hi @KristinL - I am experiencing the same thing as reported by @MariaFoy. The "Next" button appears at the bottom right hand corner of each page, but the "Canvas Support" orange button also appears persistently at this same position overlaying the "Next" button.
The only way to access the "Next button is to try and scroll up slightly on a page to move the "Next" button into the small gap below the orange "support" button and above the task bar.

Next button screenshot 

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Community Team
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Some of my students complained about this same problem. I told them to hover over the Support button until they saw up/down arrows to the right of the button and then move it to a different position on the page. However, today as I worked in Canvas, this solution did not work. The Support button has been moved away from the bottom of the page, but is no longer movable by the user. For longer pages, this is a wonderful solution, However, if the Canvas page is shorter, the Support button can still interfere with the "Next" button, which is positioned higher on the screen for shorter pages.

Question: Why not move the Support button over to the right under the course menu? Or restore the ability for users to change the position of the Support button?

Thanks for considering this input.