Institutional Messaging Guidelines or Policy

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During InstructureCon this summer, the topic of messaging frequency emerged as a recurring theme in both presentations and casual conversations related to Impact. As new clients of Impact by Instructure, we recognize the importance of learning from the experiences of others, both their successes and their pitfalls, before embarking on our own journey. If you are currently using Impact at your institution, we'd greatly appreciate insights into your experiences regarding the effectiveness of different message types and their frequency in engaging users, while avoiding over-messaging.

Furthermore, we're curious about whether your institution has established any internal or public-facing messaging policies or guidelines in connection with Impact. These policies could serve as valuable tools to mitigate message fatigue and maintain effective communication. If you have such guidelines in place, we kindly request that you share them with us. This will greatly assist us as we embark on the process of developing our own messaging policies and strategies for Impact. Your valuable input will help us shape our approach and ensure a positive user experience.

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