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Adobe Captivate and Canvas

Hello, I am new to Canvas.

Does anyone have any tips for using Adobe Captivate instructional/interactive modules with Canvas?

Specifically, I want to know if you are uploading the SWF file or HTML files in a Zip file format that Captivate produces and then using the SCORM package as in other learning management systems. Or, do you embed the Captivate file or module? Or is there an easier way in Canvas?

Any other tips would be appreciated. Thanks!

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Thanks Amanda.

I've seen the scorm cloud integration but I think that it could be easier if Canvas was scorm compliant as it happens with the most common LMS such as Moodle.

It was a bit shocking at the beginning but we ended up tracking student's progression in a different way. 🙂


Canvas does now have a SCORM LTI. Based on my experience it works well. Unfortunately, it is necessary for your Canvas Implementation Rep (at Canvas) to install and configure it. Not sure why it could not be a course level LTI. A system level LTI means you would need to go through the entity at your institution that manages your instance of Canvas to get them to approve the installation of the SCORM LTI.

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We are using Captivate and depending on the project we embed the file within canvas or sometimes we retrieve it from a private server and embed them in canvas.

Depending on if we need to track students progress we wrap up the modules as a scorm package and use the scorm upload provided by canvas or we just create the swf and the html5 file pointing to the multiscreen.html file

Canvas is not scorm compliant but I discovered a workaround to track students progress.

  1. After I create my module I count manually the 25% 50% 75% and the 100% of the content.
  2. I establish that once the student arrives at a certain point -i.e 25% 50% 75% and 100%- the module it sends this number to the LMS.
  3. In settings I choose to report points instead of slides visited.
  4. Create your scorm following the steps for the author tool.
  5. Then I upload the content inside canvas following the steps provided by Stefanie Sanders How do I import SCORM files as an assignment?
  6. Now, the file is a graded assignment.
  7. Next step is to edit the assignment and in points inform 100.

If you need any help you can reach me out whenever you need it.


jon​, perhaps this tutorial from the canvas Guide will hepl: How do I import SCORM files as an assignment?

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I'm looking into doing this but am struggling at the minute. How exactly are you importing the HTML 5 files?

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I typically publish the html5 version and then load/unpackage the .zip file in the files area. I then link to the multiscreen.html file within the Captivate package so it works on most devices (laptops, tablets, etc). I am not using SCORM so cannot comment on that integration.

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I've had some success recently importing my Captivate Projects into Canvas.  I have the Creative Cloud version so I know it's most up to date.  The instructions Canvas gives to save worked just fine.  The only issue I've run into so far is the SCORM package doesn't carry over on a class copy. 


I had an instructor attempt it last semester. He gave up and went a different route.This was before we could add the SCROM feature to our account. Not sure if things would work easier now. I vaguely remember importing his content as a .zip and linking to the html in his files from from the Rich Content Editor. I am curious as well if any one has had any success.

Sure sounds fine to me.

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Community Coach​, I've never integrated Captivate into Canvas, so I can't help you with that. But, since this isn't really a right or wrong type question would it be ok if I changed this from a question to a discussion? Also, you might get more feedback/information if we moved this over to the Instructional Designers​ group in the community.