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Surveyor II

Fill-in-the-blank quizzes: PLEASE implement multiple answer attempts for misspellings

The New Quiz implementation of Levenshtein Distance in the autograding of misspelled words as correct in fill-in-the-blank quizzes  is a really good development, HOWEVER:
We need a "Wrong, try again"  response on those fill-in-the-blank answers, so that the student learns to spell the word correctly.  I would set the Levenshtein Distance to 3, and need the option of how many times that repeats.
Don Lotter
CSU Sacramento, Biology
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Hi lotter,

We're not using New Quizzes yet, but in Classic Quiz I provide a word bank (with extra words) so that they have to spell the word correctly.  But then again these are not vocabulary quizzes. I put in the variations for Title case and all lowercase of the correct word.

Cheers - Shar