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Canvas Speedgrader

Good afternoon!  I am an instructor who has used Canvas for several years.  This year, I am not able to access Speedgrader through individual assignments as I have in the past.  The notification to grade the assignment shows up on my dashboard (I can access Speedgrader from there, as in past years).  For some reason, though, the Speedgrader option on each assignment's page is grayed out.  It asks me to select a group, but no options are given.

Is there a setting I'm missing?  Did something change this year?

I appreciate any input!

Allison Centanni



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I have the exact same issue and cannot access SpeedGrader. My screen looks identical to yours. I hope someone can help here!

I stumbled upon an answer.  In the class' settings, under more options at the bottom, I unchecked the box that said "Launch SpeedGrader Filtered by Student Group."  That fixed it!

I hope it works for you, too!