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Questio Group Inside Question Group

Dear All

One benefit of FORMULA quizzes is while they are configurable, you can also put them in a question group- for example, 5 different questions in a question group and pick randomly 5 out of 5. That will lead to different sequences for different students. However, if you have another configurable question group such as multiple choice or fill the blank, where you have generated them externally – for example in excel -  and then have imported them into CANVAS- for example, using RESPONDUS -  you cannot put these question groups inside another question group and you cannot randomize their sequence. 

Externally generated multiple-choice questions have several benefits compared to formula questions

  • Do not leave the students fully in the blank and provide them with answers some relief that their answer is among the 5 choices.
  • For example in an EOQ formula, in a formula quiz, you do not have control over a D between 2000 and 4000. But if you have generated them externally you can have increments of 100s.
  • You can use formulas such as noram.dist and norm.inv
  • You can use some of the problem parameters and put it back into the problem statement.
  • -------

Does canvas have an expansion plan to allow this? To place several sets of configurable multiple-choice question groups in an aggregate question group and allow randomizing the sequence?

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