Rubrics... making remote learning just as easy!

I'll be honest... I didn't use the rubrics much prior to this current school year.  Even though our school has been using Canvas well before the pandemic hit, I still resorted to printing out hundreds of rubrics to hand out to students.  I think this was partially due to the fact that I just didn't want to have to recreate the wheel once again.  I decided to take the step and make an electronic rubric via Canvas, and I'm sure glad I did!

Why?  Because I am able to grade simultaneously with clicking parts of the rubric.  Saves me time and energy, as well as trees!

For example, I am a Science teacher who has her students complete Science Fair projects yearly.  This means the students have to have several components to turn in; paper, logbook, and scientific reasoning.  Each have their own rubric as well as a final, combined rubric.  Think about how many pieces of paper that is for each student on a grade level!

Just taking the 10 minutes to set up the rubric in Canvas helped tremendously with keeping my copy allotment down, as well as save me time in the end!

Here is an example rubric:


When you go in to grade, you select a box based on the points you want to award.  It will show a green, yellow or red bar based on if the student met the requirements or not.  It then will grade it for you.  There is an additional place to type in comments, which is so much faster than having to handwrite everything.

All in all, I would highly recommend using the rubric feature for ANY assignment big or small!

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Hello @jtamburro

We are so thrilled to see you using the rubrics and finding them to be an easy and intuitive way to grade assignments within Canvas. 

The whole idea and purpose of using rubrics is to save time and effort in one comprehensive grading tool. It is helpful for teachers, TAs, and students when they are performing peer reviews. The rubric that you created looks great and hopefully you find this helpful for years to come.

For other that are interested in using rubrics, please check out these Canvas guides:



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