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How do you set a maximum possible percentage (or point value) for an assignment group?

In my case, I have an assignment group of writing exercises that includes some bonus work opportunities, and I want to make set the maximum percentage at 100%. This means that the bonus work can increase the average percentage of the writing exercises until it reaches 100%, after which bonus no longer increases it.

And if this is not possible, can this option be added?


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This functionality to accomplish this automatically does not currently exist, although I saw someone with a feature idea for it a week or so ago.

One way to accomplish it is to create a separate assignment in that assignment group with no submission. Make it worth 0 points and make sure that it cannot be dropped as the lowest grade.

Then, for any student who gets over 100% for the assignment group, you go in to that grade and enter negative points to bring them back down to 100 points for the assignment group.

Something like this could be programmed by someone with the skills to do so. Most faculty are not computer programmers, so it would likely be a manual task. The best that most faculty could hope for would be to export the gradebook, let Excel calculate the points to be subtracted, and then import the gradebook back.

Since it would a time-consuming job for most people, it would work best if done infrequently. Students would need to be notified that the their grade is subject to this rule and that it may be incorrect for a little bit in Canvas. Then go in and adjust it every week or after major assignments.

If you have just a few students with the problem of earning more than 100%, you could manually enter their scores. Look in the gradebook at the assignment group scores. If you see a student with more than 100%, click on their score and it will give you the point total. For example, you might see 267/250. That would let you know that you need to enter -17 to bring them back down to 250/250 and 100%.

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