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Using "quasi-automations" from Analytics to monitor progress

Using "quasi-automations" from Analytics for monitoring progress

I would like to set-up some quasi-automations to monitor progress and engagement. (I hesitate to call this "automation" because someone might get the wrong idea about a class on "auto-pilot"--that is not my goal!)

I've looked through the Analytics options and it seems I should be able to set-up some conditional logic filters (for example: "If student has not signed in to Canvas in the last three days,..." or "If student has spent less time than X on pages/in assignments,...").

Looking at the People tab, I can "see" this information (& more), but there isn't a way to (that I've found) to collect all the students who fit that condition and communicate (appropriately bcc/anonymous) with them. With large classes, doing each student individually isn't practical.

A few years ago someone had a question that seemed to be on this topic, but there were no responses to it. Has capability caught up to this idea yet??

Va Nee

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