We Don't Have Endless Amount of Time - So Save It! Here's How!

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I'm guessing you've probably seen this combo of buttons when grading:


Let me guess... you very rarely or have never used it!?  I won't lie... I didn't use it myself until I just became super tired of typing.

Let me suggest adding video or audio feedback to save time!  We all are probably super fast at typing, but that still takes longer than sending a message verbally.  In the time it takes me to write this sentence, I could've probably said all of what I needed to say.

I know we all are leery of using that record video button... we don't like to see ourselves on camera.  I get it.  But, at least try it out!  Try recording just your voice.  

Think about how texts can be read completely different than how they are meant.  That can also happen with teacher commentary.  If students could here the tone of your voice, then reading constructive commentary from their teacher might be less stressful!

If you get shy, write a script!  While you may say similar commentary to all students, it is still more personal.  Start with saying something positive about their work first before giving constructive criticism.  

In order to take full advantage of all that Canvas has to offer, you sometimes have to take that leap of faith!

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