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What LTI integrations are you using at your institution?

Hi fellow Canvas admins!

I'd love to know what LTI/Other integrations people are using with Canvas....both from the App Center and from other vendors who have unlisted LTIs.  We spend so much time going back and forth with vendors about what integrations they have that I'd love to be able to see what other people are already doing and start there or join forces to get


Khan Academy

Educreations (although getting ready to delete b/c it only lets you add some items so most teacher just use the embed code instead)



Office 365





AdobeConnect (best integration I've ever seen)

McGraw Hill Connect Ed (SSO, but not provisioning.  not a strong integration)


LTI/API Combo:

Shmoop (Includes SSO, Provisioning, Assignment Auto-Creation and Grade Passback)

EduGame Cloud (Includes SSO, Provisioning, Passing Quiz Questions from Canvas to Live Sessions and Passing Grades and Answer Info Back to Canvas)

Common Cartridge:

eDynamic Learning

Fuel Education (formerly Aventa)

Thin Common Cartridge:


McGraw Hill (in the works)

Things We've Tried and Seen Work But Not Bought (Yet):

Read Speaker (Works with Custom Javascript)


BigBlueButton Premium

Vendors We're Talking to About Various Integrations:


Houghton Mifflin Harcourt





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Community Coach
Community Coach

We have the following enabled for our faculty at Moraine Park Technical College:

  • Cengage Learning MindLinks
  • Films on Demand
  • Khan Academy
  • Pearson MyLabs and Mastering (used mainly for MyEcon Lab and MyMath Lab)
  • Piazza (not sure anyone is actually using this LTI)
  • Prulu (not sure anyone is actually using this LTI)
  • TED Ed
  • Turnitin (both the API and the LTI)
  • USA Today
  • Vimeo
  • Wikipedia
  • YouTube
Community Champion

We replaced a lot of our content LTI's with the Public Resources LTI which includes Vimeo, Youtube, Quizlet, SchoolTube, and Khan Academy. Besides that we're using TedEd, Twitter, and the every popular Redirect LTI. From publishers (for SSO mostly) we've got Macmillan and Pearson.

Community Coach
Community Coach

We have the following available for faculty:

  • canvabadges​
  • AspirEDU dropout detective​
  • Various myLabs and Mastering (Math, Statistics, History, Afam AM, etc) from Pearson
  • Question Press
  • Khan Academy
  • Wikipedia
  • YouTube
Community Contributor

 @chofer ​ you using both Turnitin APi and the LTI ?

How is that working form you?

For the time being, yes.  We only have maybe a one or two instructors using Turnitin right now (that I know of), and it seems to be working fine.  The API way will be going away no earlier than Q4 of this year.  Check these out: Canvas and Turnitin and TurnItIn.

Community Contributor

Thanks  @chofer  We have it as a policy that it is advised that assignment submission should be checked so we are talking 500 academic using it

Community Coach
Community Coach

At the campus-wide level we are using:

  • MacMillan
  • Pearson
  • Redirect
  • TedEd
  • Wikipedia
  • Bb Collaborate
  • Panopto
  • Big Blue Button

At the Course Level:

  • Hawkes
  • Cengage
  • DropBox
  • Khan
  • You Tube
  • Pearson MyLabs
  • Quizlet
  • SoftChalk Cloud
Community Champion

We have been talking to McGraw Hill to integrate MH Campus. They are asking for an account level access token. What is your experience with publisher integration requiring this level of access? Do you notify your instructors to integrate at the course level instead?

Community Contributor

Campus Wide Publisher Integrations:

  • Cengage Learning
  • McGraw Hill Campus
  • Pearson My Lab and Mastering

Campus Wide Instructor Tools:

  • Films on Demand (subscription)
  • Public Resources Video- free edu app that includes
    • YouTube
    • Khan Academy
    • TedEd
    • Vimeo
    • SchoolTube
    • and Quizlet - awesome!)
  • Turn It In


  • Scorm- allows us to add scorm packages to courses
  • Zoom- We also use the (free version) Big Blue Button in the conferences feature
  • Roll Call