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What is the point of "available from" if you can't restrict the view of the content?

I have teachers with multiple sections (think Period 1, Period 2). We want to be able to restrict the content of the Assignment from Period 2's view. I was under the impression that "available from" and "available until" limited the content of the assignment but it does not.

What's the point?

Is there any way to restrict view of the content aside from "restricting the files inside" (link to tutorial about restricting access to files/folders).

Does this mean that the content of quizzes also can be seen if assigned/marked as available?

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Content of quizzes (speaking of original quizzes, not New Quizzes) can't be viewed until the student begins the quiz. However, they can leave and return as often as desired during the open period. If you set a timer on the quiz though, the timer begins as soon as they begin the quiz and will continue to count down whether they are in the quiz or leave. Another limiting factor can be delivering the quiz one question at a time and restricting return to previous quizzes.

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Hi @bhaus

Glad you reached out! Have you tried the "Assign to" option within the assignment details? If teachers assign to only Period 1 and remove "everybody else", only the Period 1 students will be able to view the assignment. Period 2 students will not be able to see the assignment at all. 

If the availability dates are included, Period 1 students (Trial-02 in my image example) would not have access to assignment details and content until the available date and time. Period 1 students may see a "link" or name of the assignment on the modules page or in the course summary, but they will be restricted from viewing the actual details and such. 

assign to.png

The assign to settings are also available within other activity pages such as quizzes and discussion boards.

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Hope that helps! If I misunderstood your question, please let me know! 

I'm sorry, but the availability dates is the issue I am addressing. You are incorrect. When a teacher marks "available from" students in the other period (e.g. period 2) can still see everything in the details of the assignment. They can open it, view it, and download any pdfs associated with it. They just can't submit. Hence, my question.

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The availability dates work along with the assign to box to allow instructors to assign to specific sections, individual students, groups, etc. and restrict others if not listed.  If Period 2 has not been removed from an Assign To box or if "everybody else" (which would represent Period 2) has not been removed from an Assign To box, then yes, students in sections other than Period 1 will see all content within the assignment. 

Can you provide a screenshot of the lower section of the assignment and the assign to area? That may help the Community provide some answers for you. 


Thank you for working with me on this. Based on the way this particular assignment is set up, students from period 3 are able to see all the details of the assignment, including PDFs and materials, even though their "available from" is listed as September 4 (tomorrow).

The point I am trying to make is that if we want to set up assignments ahead of time, we don't want to have to add in period 3 later. I was under the impression that setting available from allows the description to be restricted. It doesn't. My student from period 3 was able to download a pdf and complete it. They then emailed me asking why they couldn't submit. "Available from" only restricts submission status.

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Interesting. The settings displayed in your screenshot should work exactly as you had hoped. P3 section may see the name of the assignment in the module "today", but should not be able to access the content or details. And yes, I totally get wanting to be able to set it up ahead of time. That's one of the cool things about the Canvas Assignment availability features! 

Perhaps you should reach out to Canvas Support so that they can look within your instance to help you figure out what is happening. Sorry I couldn't be more help.