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Make Quiz Questions Invisible Before Quiz Closure

Hi all,

I apologize if this is not the right forum to air this suggestion, but can Canvas please make it possible to set a Quiz so that students can see the questions that were on the quiz, with their responses to them, in addition to your feedback to their responses, ONLY after the quiz period has closed?

I have long been confused by the settings for students to view their quiz responses, and how those are linked to feedback given by the instructor after each question, but after reading the blog post, I finally understand that student will not be able to view feedback unless allowed to see the entire quiz and their answers after taking it.


SO, the only way to prevent students from viewing the questions during the entire period after they have taken the quiz, and then sharing them with others, is to manually uncheck Allow Students to See Quiz Responses before the quiz. Then, in order to make it possible for them to see the feedback you leave them after you have graded it, you have to manually RE-check it after it has been graded. The dates you enter for showing or hiding correct answers apply only to the answers, not to viewing the questions, feedback, etc. 

This is illogical.

Obviously quiz security can only be maintained by not publishing the contents of the quiz during the testing period, even if it is just to students who have already taken it. To make it possible only to hide the ANSWERS during the testing period, but not the questions is also highly illogical. If you have the questions in advance, the answer is easy to arrive at in advance.

While it is certainly true that the procedure of hiding and then revealing the contents of the quiz CAN be performed manually, it is very frustrating that these settings should have to be manually manipulated in order for students to see the notes you leave them on quiz questions.

Therefore, please add an option to 'See Quiz Responses' (and consequently their feedback) only 'After the Quiz Has Closed.'

Thanks very much everyone,

Life Blumberg


The University of Iowa




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Hello @life-blumberg !  I think what you are asking for is available with New Quizzes.  The picture you shared is from Classic Quizzes.  Here is PART of what you see in the settings for New Quizzes.



Since New Quizzes is currently an LTI, it will take a while for all to see it.  However, in September 2021, Classic Quizzes, like you are using, will begin to be deprecated.