Instructure Community Weekly Highlights (April 23-29, 2024)

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Community Team

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Welcome to the Instructure Community Monthly and Weekly Highlights blog! At the end of every month, we will share notable successes and spotlights. Additionally, we will update you with all the goings-on in the Instructure world from the previous week: community updates, product updates, new blogs to read, and everything else you'll need to know will be here!

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Teryn Odom (@teryn_odom), Senior Product Manager at Impact has all the right ingredients to fulfill her role to the highest standards. Her strong educational background ensures she understands the Impact customer base at its core, which she balances beautifully with Instructure strategy. Teryn has a natural flair for prioritizing tasks and makes herself readily available to both internal and external stakeholders. Her friendly demeanor, innovative, analytical approach, and knack for asking the right questions help Teryn and the team bring the Impact product vision to life.

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Upcoming Instructure Live Events

  • Groups, Collaborations and Redesigned Discussions for the Educator- May 7, 2024 03:30 PM MDT
    • This session covers the redesigned discussion interface, showcasing how these tools can be effectively utilized to create a more collaborative learning environment within the Canvas platform.
  • Instructure Community Developers Group - May Meet Up- Thu, May 9, 2024 12:00 PM MDT
    • The Instructure Community Developers Group is gathering to meet some fellow developers of Canvas customizations and external tool integrations.  Discuss projects you're working on, success stories of past projects, and things you may be struggling with.


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Canvas Deploy Notes (2024-05-08)

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Canvas Deploy Notes (2024-04-24)

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Impact Release Notes (2024-04-25)

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