Instructure Community Weekly Highlights (February 28 - March 6)

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February Employee Spotlights




Katie Hamilton ( @katiehamilton ) has been with the Instructure team for almost two and a half years. During that time she has been a continued example of empathy for the customers she supports as well as the members of her team. A self proclaimed “not tech person”, Katie willingly took a deep breath and plunged into difficult and pressing issues whenever it was needed. Then using those experiences, she created training and support resources just to help new agents avoid some of the same uncertainties she had around a new and unfamiliar system. For the past year, Katie has been with our L2 and SIS teams, working to build her own core knowledge so that she can pass on even more technical understanding to both the users and her fellow agents.




Carissa Johnston ( @CarissaJohnston ) is a former teacher from New York, who has dedicated her life to education. In her short time with Instructure she has excelled in the support role, and is now managing Tier 1 onboardings, phone numbers, and ticket routing; a position in which she showed phenomenal ownership in refining and streamlining the process. She’s the type of person that when you ask her to jump, she’s midair she’s asking if it’s high enough. She brings an energy to the team that can’t be replicated, and always brings a smile to her coworker’s faces. We couldn’t be happier to have her here at Instructure. Thank you, Carissa!


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