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A Library Presence in Canvas

The Marydean Martin Library at Nevada State College has implemented a variety of services in Canvas, including LibGuides, chat widgets, discovery search tools, and more. We will engage the audience in discussing best practices, assessment, and project management tips for implementing a robust library presence in the LMS environment.

Presenter: Ernesto Hernandez​ - Nevada State College

  Location Map & Room: KOKOPELLI 3

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Deactivated user​ I wasn't able to get to your session looking forward to being able to view the video when it comes out.  We have just been starting to explore Canvas use with our librarians.

Thanks, Sam

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Hi Sam,

Good luck with your exploration of Canvas with your librarians. It's a great tool for a library presence and online library resources.


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The session video is now available at:

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Toward the end of the presentation you discussed creating this as a "Resource" area. I am an Admin for my College's Canvas instance and I cannot find a way to create this type of organizational area. Can someone share a link to instructions on how to set-up a "Resource" area? I would love to create this type of Library Resource for my College.



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Hi Ann,

I have the same question and hoping someone can provide some insight for us. He also stated this was a course shell, but never saw the navigation to the course so unsure.