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Community and Critical Thinking in Discussion Boards

This session will help you identify optimal discussion board behaviors, and learn to implement discussion board activities that build stronger online communities and encourage critical thinking. Presenters will share data examining participant behavior before and after activities were implemented. A brief bibliography and our most successful discussion board tips will be provided.

Presenter: Marcella Caprario​ - CIEE: Council on International Educational Exchange

  Location Map & Room: ARCHES

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Can you post your presentation slides and any other info here please? Thanks in advance!

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Hi, Rex.  I've posted the handout and ppt slides.  Thanks for your interest!  Feel free to keep in touch - my email is on the handout.

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Thanks for sharing Deactivated user​ really wanted to go to this one, but by the time I got over to the Hyatt folks were spilling out into the hall!

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My pleasure, Samuel. Sorry you weren't able to get in. Hope these

materials are helpful.

On Wed, Jul 1, 2015 at 5:20 PM, <

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The session video is now available at: