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Course Setup Using Google Docs and the Canvas API

Setting up new courses over and over again is tedious—and tedious is for computers. Demo Arigato solves this problem for the Instructure Sales team. Learn how OAuth and the Canvas API are used to populate courses using data from Google Spreadsheets. This is a code-heavy presentation for developers and system administrators.

Presenter: Justin Ball​ - Atomic Jolt

  Additional Resources:

Demo Arigato source code:

Demo Arigato live site:

Canvas Starter App:

(Open source project used to build Demo Arigato)

  Location Map & Room: SILVERADO 1

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Course development can be active and engaging--with the right team in place.  I do agree that templates and cookie cutter courses are often boring and redundant.  Case in point- often course structure with integrated outside sources may follow the textbook chapter progression versus  meeting the needs of a learner.

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Sophia, I totally agree. Course development is a very fulfilling and fun process. Demo Arigato is meant to optimize the setup process that happens after you've built a really awesome course. It can be very useful if you need to setup the same course over and over and populate it with users and data, usually for testing.

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My immediate plans are to use your code to develop training environments for out instructors, administrators, students, and Help Desk.  The ability to demonstrate the use of analytics available to instructors will be invaluable.

Thank you much for the session and code.  It was my second most useful session. @justinball ​

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Hi David,

Glad the presentation was useful! Let us know if you need any help.



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Hi Justin,

will be be able to get your documentation on using Google Docs to create courses using the Canvas API?

Outstanding presentation, really helpful.


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Hi Martin,

Glad you liked the presentation. Unfortunately, we don't really have any docs on how to use it. I do think they recorded the presentation. It's pretty easy to use if you are OK using the courses created by Instructure. You can view the site here: Demo Arigato. If you want to host your own version and use your own Google spreadsheets we can talk more about setting up an instance for you.



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The session video is now available at:

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 @justinball ​, the link to the Canvas Starter app on Github is dead--is it still available?