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Create a Personal Touch in High Enrollment Courses

Successful management of high enrollment courses is a challenging task that can be a nightmare or a rewarding experience. Learn how a few minor tweaks made all the difference in guiding students to better grades with less effort from the instructor and TAs.

Presenter: Dennis Walpole​ - University of South Florida

  Location Map & Room: ESCALA B

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Takeaways- Assign roles to TAs rather than making all learn everything. Allow people to specialize instead of generalize. Prioritize communication through ticketing system instead of all communication coming in from different channels.

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Discussion question - What works/doesn't with high enrollment?

Presenter answers: Peer evaluation - does not work well with high enrollment

Slower loading

Amanda answer: Grade book is a nightmare at over 200, depending on how many assignments you have.

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Is ticket system and email the best mode of communication for students? My students hate email. I wonder if more app based and social media like modes would be better for students... I wonder?

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Quick clarification ... with regard to Peer Eval, the presenters recommended it as a strategy for high enrollment but indicated that the Peer Eval tool within Canvas has certain usability limitations and can sometimes be confusing to students.

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If you would like to watch this video - Create a personal touch in High Enrollment Courses - YouTube