Defying Gravity as a Service Manager of Canvas

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Using the API to run reports on how faculty and students are using Canvas.  They have writen several Ruby gems that are on GitHub to run various reports on Canvas usage.  They use their Beta instance to run the reports because they don't need "live" data and the older data that is on the beta server provides close enough information.  He stated that the Beta instance seems to be a bit more "beefy" than test.  They also used a Screen Scraper to gather course statistics data this didn't require an API, but just a native Canvas account to run the report.  They built a tool to set notification prefenrences for particular users especially faculty who wanted notifications for the messages they sent.  The notification Getter runs a report of what notifications are set for particular users.  The LTI tools report allows the admin to determine which LTI tools are bing used by account.  This would help us understand what LTI tools faculty are using across campus.

All of these reports would be interesting in implementing at SJC (San Juan College) and there are probably other things within the API that provide other informaiton that we could use to help determine the use of Canvas by our faculty and students.  A personal professional development goal for me this year is to explore the use of the API and reporting to help us provide data to administration on how much (or little) their faculty are using the various aspects of Canvas.  This will also be necessary when we move towards the minimum standard use of Canvas at our campus.  Great job and thanks 323487​ for your informative presentation.