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Flip it... How do I do it?


Flipping Woodshop​ presentation had some excellent suggestions this morning on how we can make Canvas take some of the time burden off teachers by sharing content with students outside of the classroom.  We had Welding, Parts Manufacturing, Computer Networking, Automotive teachers and others here this morning sharing ideas. We caught up with Cyndi Govreau who choose this workshop because her campus has many non-traditional lecture classes teaching Hands-On Skills. She is excited to take back the idea that students can have multiple hands on Projects they can choose between and not make the teachers job harder.


This is her fourth LMS and she said, "CANVAS IS THE BEST!"

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We are wanting to put Welding safety online. Any contacts that might be helpful that would be willing to share what they've done?


I am going to tag some awesome Tech College gurus I know who may be able to provide some helpful tips for Welding Safety courses Smiley Happy  I heard a presentation about a Welding Safety Canvas course put together at one of the sister campuses I worked for - OWATC!

 @mfgu ​ and Deactivated user​  could you provide any insights here?  THANKS!

 @sharonking5 , we don't have our welding courses completely online, but every welding course on campus uses Canvas for all of their quizzes and assignments. We also have HVAC courses using Canvas as well!

Some of the content that we include in these courses are video (great for demonstrating hand skills and other important information), handouts, study guides, and links to external resources.

Overall from working with the Instructors for these courses I'd treat it as any other online course. Focus on what the students need to know and the best way to deliver it in an online environment. For Welding I'd say the video is probably the best thing for students. It allows them to watch different techniques, etc as many times as they need. No, it's not a substitute for doing it themselves, but it's great for demonstrating things. I also bet that it would be great to illustrate safety features/concerns. I'd also recommend using the actual welding Instructors when creating the video. Students like seeing/hearing their Instructors and tend to pay more attention.

Hope this helps!

Thank you!

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Thanks, Kona. We are really looking to put Welding Safety online first - similar to the safety portion outlined in Flipping the Woodshop. Do you have the Safety section online? If so, would you be willing to give me a tour?

I checked with our welding coordinator and the majority of the safety information is done in class during the first week. All they have in Canvas for it is a review PowerPoint and quiz. Sorry!

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Thank you for asking!