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Herding Fish: Encouraging Faculty to Use Subaccount-Generated Outcomes and Rubrics

Do you want to know how to create rubrics, assignments, and other useful tools in a subaccount to share with your department? Then this is the session for you. See how easy it is to track learning mastery at a department level too.

Presenter: Jennifer Hunter​ - Southern Utah University

  Location Map & Room: BOBCAT

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Thanks to all who have expressed interest in this presentation. You are all amazing to attend a session at 5pm.

If all goes according to Plan A, this will be a Show and Do presentation and you will get to create actual outcomes and rubrics so keep your fingers crossed or pray that the internet works appropriately. I hope for the best so come ready with your mobile device and a course to use.

If I have to get all the way down to Plan D, which is a screen shot PowerPoint, I will have SWAG to hand out along with my business cards and I give you all permission to call me to get one on one training when you all get back to your offices and I will walk you through personally creating outcomes and rubrics.

I really want this to be hands on so here's hoping :}

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The session video is now available at:

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Michelle and I created two short 5 minutes Jing Tutorials.

The first one shows how to make sub account outcomes.

The second one shows how to make sub account rubrics and then pull them in to an assignment.



If you have more questions, please don't hesitate to contact me directly 435-865-8004 or

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