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How to Succeed with Badges Without Really Trying

To join the conversation or see additional resources visit: How to Succeed With Badges Without Really Trying

Looking to gamify Canvas courses? Want to award badges to students who complete learning objectives? This interactive session will help you climb the ladder from simple window-washer to big-time Canvas Badges expert. You will learn about incentives for learning to enhance student outcomes and ideas to engage students.

Presenter: Jared Ward

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Community Champion

This is a great supplemental resource to extend your badging course you're offering,  @jward ​. Thanks for offering the course and for continuing to help others understand through collaborative learning how to find success in cultivating their own badging ecosystems.

Community Contributor

 @jward , can badges be set-up to reward actions in Canvas? I am thinking of encouraging engagement and as part of an orientation to Canvas programme, e.g. First Person to Start a Discussion, Completed First Quiz, Set-up Profile, Submitted Assignment at least 24hrs before Deadline...

Community Champion

Thanks  @jward 

I appreciate that gamification — at the least — can help force instructors to think about concrete learning objectives. Creating a badging system that is less about "collecting" and diverse enough to attract different types of gamers is something I still haven't see a great example of (in education). Any leads?