How to take successful #sneakyselfieswithkenneth

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For those of you who have been paying attention to Twitter in the recent months you have noticed a new trend to compliment instcon​ , that is sneakyselfieswithkenneth​ ! Those of use working in Academic and Instructional Services at Utah State University were looking for a way to recognize our amazing co-worker, Kenneth Larsen, and I think we found the best way to do that! Kenneth is awesome to work with and as soon as you meet him you will wish you were the one sitting next to him every day. Not only is he the creator of USU Design Tools, aka Kennethware, but he is so generous with his knowledge - he is always willing to help!

So, here we are at InstructureCon and we want you to get to know Kenneth! So, go say hi and take a selfie, sneakily or otherwise. You will be met with a big smile and a 'Hello!' from Kenneth.

To get a successful sneaky selfie with Kenneth you want to make sure Kenneth is in the photo. Then make sure you're in the photo - we want to see you, too! Then head to Twitter and use the hashtag sneakyselfieswithkenneth​ - and don't forget to also tag InstructureCon by using instcon​ !

Kenneth will be all over this conference, so say, 'Hi!' and get to know Kenneth!

Happy InstructureCon!!


 @kenneth_larsen ​

 @travis_thurston ​

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