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Josh Coates has built a career the way he builds a business—by reimagining the way things can be done (even if it requires doing some major surgery with an acetylene torch).

After his start in distributed systems research at the University of California, Berkeley, and Microsoft’s Bay Area Research Center, he founded Scale Eight, which developed a new approach to scalable storage software and attracted customers like Microsoft, Viacom, and Fujitsu. Upon closing operations and selling Scale Eight’s intellectual property to Intel in 2003, Josh went on to found Berkeley Data Systems ( in 2005, which reshaped the world of data storage with a ubiquitous remote backup solution. Two years later, EMC Corp acquired Mozy for $76 million.

Josh now brings this imagination to the LMS world with Instructure. After seeing the opportunity to disrupt the current landscape, and in doing so, facilitate a better educational experience, he became an early investor before joining the board and becoming CEO in 2010.

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Live Remote Viewing @ Kokopelli (Grand Summit)

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The session video is now available at:

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