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Localization in Canvas?

Has anyone localized existing Canvas courses and reimported them to Canvas in the resulting language(s)? Any tips on workflows, third-party vendors, etc? I'd love any feedback, successes, failures, whatever.

Thanks! What a great day today, not to mention the karaoke tonight!

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 @kshepherd_canva , I have been doing some mixed content courses using the tabs mechanism described at Course Modules: Chip sandbox So far, I have only done one complete course using this method. The good feature is that by using the language attributes (for paragraphs, list items, ... 😞




The result is that I can have mixed content in a page and can also post process the page based upon the language.

I am very surprise that no one has replied to your message earlier. I say surprised as I know there are other places where multiple languages are common. In the late 1960s, one of my aunts wrote a Master's thesis about dual language instruction (as her elementary school (in Corpus Christi, Texas) taught half the day in English and the other half in Spanish).

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 @kshepherd_canva , You might also take a look at my posting Using multiple languages in Canvas. This shows how to use multiple columns to show parallel content.

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