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Looking for views on how students behave in online courses

Any one have any information on student behavior in an online course and how it impacts student retention and completion?  Attended a presentation on using student analytics in Canvas.  Realized that I do have assumptions on how analytics define student behavior, or assumptions about how students behave in the traditional versus online version of the course. What student profiles are present in online courses? We often assume number of log ins or activity is important.  Looking for profiles that reflect actual student behaviors in specific courses versus general profiles to identify at risk students. Also looking for information and research sponsored by faculty alone.


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Sophia -- I'm sorry I never saw this post until now.  I'm with one of the Canvas partners -- AspirEDU -- and we're based in Tampa.  (I met your team on the flights out of and back to Tampa.)  John Bachellor is trying to work out a time for us to present to the faculty team.  We maintain the Dropout Detective student retention platform, which was originally developed to help identify behaviors of online students and identify which of the students was most at-risk.  I would welcome the opportunity to come in and speak to your Instructional Design team as well.