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Community Coach
Community Coach

Minnesota Canvas Users

How many Minnesotans are at InstCon?!

Let's start a conversation here. It would be great to connect.

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Community Team
Community Team

I know  @kona ​ and  @jstepl ​ and  @njurci ​ are here.  Maybe other members of the Midwest Regional Canvas Users​ group too?

Midwest Regional Canvas Users would be great too! Anybody interested in meeting up during dinner tonight?

​I'd love that! Yesterday my colleage and I took our dinner to the Red Tail attached to the Grand Summit. It would be a good place for a more intimate meeting. Is anyone interested in meeting there for dinner?

I'd prefer to be outside so we have access to the food trucks! Maybe we could claim one of the small white tents with the lounge furniture. Lets meet at the panda and go from there! It may be easiest.

What time should all of us Midwest Regional Canvas Users meet??

Sorry, just saw this and would have loved to meet for dinner! I was so busy at InstCon that I wasn't able to check Jive/Community as much as possible. sadpanda​

Community Coach
Community Coach

I know there aren't many Canvas schools in Minnesota at this point. If you stumble upon this thread and you're from Minnesota, send me a message. It would be great to collaborate face-to-face.

Community Member

I'm a Minnesotan but I'm living in NYC! I first got started with Canvas in Brookline, Massachusetts.