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The Muse-k Man

“Trouble in Park City” — From the producer of KennethWare comes the heartwarming and inspiring tale of the benefits of having a programmer in your design community. See how having access to LTI, Canvas APIs, and a little jQuery can revitalize and enrich your design process and course development experience

Presenter: Kenneth Larsen​ - Utah State University

  Location Map & Room: SILVERADO 2

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Never heard of USU Design Tools (aka KennethWare), you can visit to find out more.

Community Champion


Would you mind sharing your slides?  You should also record your Canvas Trouble!

Community Champion

My slides are web based and can be found at InstCon15 - The Muse-k Man​. Spacebar will take you to the next slide or you can use the arrow keys to navigate. Esc will bring up an overview where you can jump to a specific slide.

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Just for fun, here is the code to create the course filter on the My Courses page. Copy and paste it into your global JavaScript file:

/////// Course List Filter ////////

if ($('#my_courses_table').length > 0) {

    var kl_course_filter = '<div id="kl_course_filter_wrapper"><label for="kl_course_filter">Filter by Term:</label> <select id="kl_course_filter"><option value="all">View All</option>',

        kl_course_terms = [],


    // Loop through all of the courses and build a list of terms

    $('td.course-list-term-column').each(function () {

        // Grab the text

        txt = $(this).text();

        // Add if not already in the array

        if ($.inArray(txt, kl_course_terms) === -1 ) {





    // Loop through array and build options

    $.each(kl_course_terms, function (index, el) {

        kl_course_filter += '<option value="' + el + '">' + el + '</option>';


    kl_course_filter += '</select></div>';

    // Add the select before the course list


    // Filter the courses when a term is selected

    $('#kl_course_filter').change(function () {

        var selectedTerm = $('#kl_course_filter option:selected').text();


        if (selectedTerm === 'View All') {


        } else {


            $('.course-list-term-column:contains("' + selectedTerm + '")').closest('tr').show();




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You sir, are awesome. Thanks!


Sent from my iPhone. Please excuse the brevity, typos & lack of nuance.

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You just made my day! I was having a conference hangover and was wondering where to start. This got me going! Thanks!

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 @kenneth_larsen ​

You did an absolutely amazing intro at your presentation. "Trouble in River City" is one of the hardest songs to do. It's fast and has so many tongue-twisting words.  You are so creative, and brave!  I think you should get extra awesome sauce (and a badge) for having the most theme-based presentation.  I can't wait for the video of your presentation to be posted so I can try and catch all the words again.  Bravo!

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I completely agree! That was awesome,  @kenneth_larsen ​!

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Thanks Kenneth!