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Third Times the Charm

This will be my third InstructureCon but it will be my first as an employee. It's exciting and overwhelming at the same time.

During a meeting with some of my new coworkers I said that InstructureCon causes severe FOMO but in the best possible way. FOMO (the Fear Of Missing Out) is normally not a good thing, but we get a special brand of it here. Everything is amazing which leaves you constantly wondering what other amazing things you're missing out on! "This session is amazing," you think, "I wonder how good that session I almost went to is." Or "this is a great discussion... but oh! What are they talking about over there?" Even the meals and mid day snacks will leave you wondering what tasty treats might have been, lest you risk gorging yourself!

My advice, as much a remind to myself as it is to anyone reading, is to revel in the moment. Engage. Be present. You can't possibly see it all, and that's okay! (Not just because all the sessions are recorded and available online later...) If you truly engage the people and things going on around you at the conference in the moment you'll get far more out of it then you will spending your time daydreaming about the session you could be sitting in.

See you at Josh's keynote. I wouldn't miss that one for the world. Smiley Wink

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Community Champion

Awesome post,  @dlyons ​! I hope you continue posting throughout the week so I can minimize my FOMO. Smiley Wink See you at the conference! Smiley Happy