10 Days of #InstCon Twitter: 1. InstructureCon App

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Today is Day 1 of 10 Days of #InstCon Twitter, which is going to be my countdown series of blog posts here as we get ready for the big event. My personal goal for the conference is to create lots of opportunities for sharing the InstructureCon experience out to remote participants, and Twitter is a key tool for making that happen. So, I'll be spending the next two weeks writing up some notes here about Twitter. Please chime in with your own favorite Twitter tips and suggestions!

To get started, I want to point out the nice integration of the #InstCon Twitter hashtag stream with the InstructureCon app. Below is a screenshot of how that looks on my phone: just click on the SOCIAL option in the menu, and you will see the #InstCon Twitter stream right there!

screenshot of InstructureCon Social feature

So, if you have not grabbed the app yet, grab the app! Then, take a look at the SOCIAL space and the #InstCon hashtag.

Plus, you can access Twitter features like reply, retweet, and favorite from right there inside the

InstructureCon app. Here's a screesnshot: I retweeted with comment. 🙂

screenshot of InstCon retweet

And if you are not already a Twitter user, you can use the #InstCon Twitter challenge to get started. This is a perfect time to start using the power of Twitter to connect and share with other pandas!

#InstCon Twitter Challenge: Up Your Twitter Game


With congrats to everybody who already completed the Twitter Challenge: you are Panda Twitterati!

panda yells YAY for TWitter

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