10 Days of #InstCon Twitter: 5. #SoloPandas

Community Champion

Yesterday I wrote about the #StepsForBeth hashtag, and today I wanted to write about another great Twitter hashtag idea that comes from the Community, specifically from Deactivated user‌; here's her post:

#solopandas live again at InstCon18! 

And here's how that all got started for last year's InstructureCon, 2017:

Wandering Pandas Flying Solo to InstructureCon? 

So, in addition to the official #InstCon hashtag, you can see how hashtags are also a way for conference folks to self-organize, using the power of Twitter hashtags to connect. With the #solopandas hashtag, you don't have to go it alone! 🙂

And here's another reason to check out that #solopandas discussion post: animated gifts!

And here are my Twitter 10 leading up to today:

1 #InstCon and the InstructureCon App

2 Twitter and the Panda Drone

3 #InstCon in your Twitter profile

4 #StepsforBeth

HAPPY TWEETING, everybody! And don't forget your hashtags. 🙂