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After all the keynotes and session on Wednesday, my brain was... TIRED. But the River Run Street Fair brought me back to life: it was wonderful! I got to meet up with friends there, including Instructure friends like  @biray ‌ (hi Biray!). The weather was beautiful, as you can see in this photo from the Twitter stream:

River Run Street Fair

And the dancing was so great; it carried on into the dark, and there were some people who really (REALLY) know how to dance. Beautiful! I couldn't find a video of the Latin dancers, but here's a tweet with some dancing while it was still light out. And this picture shows the party carrying on into the dark:

fair by night

Fun, beautiful, relaxing: everything that we needed after an intense day of conferencing.

I then went back to my room to upload my notes from the day (the gremlins attacked my conference wifi, but not my condo wifi, thank goodness), and I also caught up on the Twitter stream... which is where the GLOBAL comes from in the title of this post. As I was retweeting the great photos and the quotes from the day's events, someone I know in India, the writer Usha Narayanan, started retweeting some of them. How cool is that? So news of InstructureCon was circulated among Usha's many Twitter followers in India:

Twitter screenshot

It was a hard decision choosing between Hack Night that evening and just hanging out (and dancing) at the Street Fair, and then having some  time that night before going to bed... but I'm glad with how it turned out. If I ever get to go to an InstCon again, I will give Hack Night a try... but getting to enjoy that evening at the Street Fair in Keystone was completely delightful. Well done, Instructure!!!