Because...I'm back.

Community Coach
Community Coach

One year ago, while still in the ED Ops part of the Emergency Room....24 hours and still testing with no idea why I'm paralyzed from the waist down, my husband asked me when I was going to cancel my trip to Colorado.  I was leaving just a week later for InstructureCon '17. My answer was, "eh, I'll give it until Wednesday. My legs could wake up by then." Well, come Monday we had our answer and started canceling.

Today, with the effort of SOOO many people for helping make this happen, two long days of traveling, a lot of juggling of luggage and wheelchair (by my best friend) and trying to figure out the smallest little details, I am sitting on this balcony, 9,350ft in the air smelling the cool mountain rain, and having a big ugly cry. Why? Because I'm here. I made it. I've worked harder this past year than I have my entire life. Mentally and physically.  And I am here. Which, of everything I've spent thinking and reflecting over the past couple of weeks as my 1 year PS (post stroke) came and went, this is what has allowed me to release. Because I'm back.


If you have been following along in my adventure, whether through #stepsforbeth or just through posts here in the Community, please come say hello and introduce yourselves. I won't be hard to find!